It is my pleasure to introduce you to The Macris Group formerly A.C. Macris Consultants. Our Group is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in a broad range of disciplines, across a variety of industries. This collective expertise allows us to provide customized and tailored services to address complex issues. We have found that while there are company/industry specific challenges the vast majority of the challenges being faced in an organization are, in-fact, common to many industries, with contextual differences. Given our varied and extensive experience we will develop for you an approach that focuses on your most challenging issues.

The Macris Group integrates the three components of management, technical and human performance into a singular resource for our clients. Rarely is there an issue in today's complex business world that does not include these three components. Addressing the three in an integrated manner provides higher value service and outcomes to our clients. We are positioned to address today’s as well as the future’s needs and issues confronting business, industry and not-for-profit organizations.

Specifically, our multi-disciplined expertise and experience is based on research, proven methods and tools and successful professional consulting engagements. This provides improved decision-making as a result of improved systems, human performance and organizational leadership. The essence of our benefit is this integrated approach allowing us to address our client’s challenges in such a manner that the client leaders can address their most pressing challenges and make the best decision possible. We speak the truth, we offer candid recommendations and we instill confidence in our client’s ability to move their organization forward.