Sea Research Foundation (Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration) · Leadership Development
· Culture change initiative
· Continuous improvement
New London County Historical Society Strategic planning
Mystic Coast and Country Travel Industry Association Strategic planning
Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce Strategic planning and leadership development
Multi-Wall Corporation Strategic planning support in the face of off-shore competition affecting their primary customer base
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Change management support during the transition to new corporate information system
Independence Blue Cross Process improvement services in the claims processing organization
Jevic Trucking Developed new hire orientation program.
Merck Pharmaceuticals · Designed, customized & championed a Global Performance Enhancement System for Clinical Trial Operations resulting in a “family of performance measures”
· Strategic planning, goal setting & monitoring, self-assessment, communication, problem definition & analysis and employee engagement & recognition
Tharos Laboratories Strategic planning workshop and business planning session as a start-up nutraceutical company
TTCI/ARUP/Network Rail · Prepared Human Factors Criteria for assessing wheel/rail monitoring equipment and vendor selection
· Conducted workshops consisting of international railway experts, to validate the Control Strategy for Rolling Contact Fatigue
Cytometrics, Inc · Design of organization structure; measurement processes; procedure design; training system and team building
· Key operations interface in dealing with HR VP in selection and application of HR systems consistent with organization culture
MCI WorldCom Design and facilitation of a Professional Development program for the Network Financial Systems Management group including direct reports to the Director as well as departmental supervisors.
The MYR Group, Inc. · Design, development, and facilitation of a Leadership 2000 seminar series for senior corporate officers
· Human factors support to design and implement behavioral safety assessment and improvement initiative following industrial accidents.
· Executive support to the CEO in areas of organizational improvements initiatives
Electric Power Research Institute Developed high-level computer based training program design for a group of fossil utilities that received the highest rating for detailed program funding.
Northeast Utilities · Operator and maintenance training accreditation
· Reengineering and process improvement services in the nuclear generation organization
· Established the Technical Training Department at Millstone Nuclear Power Station
· Engineering Support Personnel Training Self-Assessments for Qualification and Continuing Training
· Team Building and computer based self-study modules
· With the Director Engineering responded to 1996 Institute for Nuclear Power Operations findings related to Engineering Support Personnel training
· Millstone 3 Control Panel improvement Project Manager
Utility Engineering, Inc. Design and development of Web Based Training of engineering projects for plant personnel
Illinois Power Company · Supported redesign of Configuration Management Program
· Developed Program Requirements procedure, and implementing procedure
· Developed the communication and training program necessary to implement the program across the Clinton Power Station
Vermont Yankee · Finalized partially completed control panel design
· Managed panel label and mimic enhancement effort
· Designed and developed Computer Based Training module on Boiling Water Reactor fundamentals
· Designed Computer Based Training Decision making modules for Senior Management
Yankee Atomic · Finalized Yankee Electric control panel task analysis and design improvements
· Conducted Yankee Electric control room Environmental Survey
· Human factors support as part of a Procedures Upgrade and Plant Life Extension effort
Public Service of Colorado · Developed & Conducted Environmental Qualification training
· Programmatic support to develop the training simulator program plan
· Developed and conducted three day 'Good Business Practices' Seminar
· Continuous Improvement Plan for Generation Engineering
· Designed and supported a symposium focused on Changing Corporate Culture in a Competitive Business Environment
· Designed and coordinated development of web based training for combined cycle combustion turbine conversion of the Fort St. Vrain power plant
New Hampshire Yankee · Human Factors task analysis and operational analysis of outside control room Emergency Operating Procedures
· Engineering Support Personnel Training Self-Assessments.
Public Service Electric & Gas · Process review on the engineering change process and identified savings of over $1M per year
· Assessment of the Engineering and Plant Betterment Department
· Assessment of Engineering and Plant Betterment INPO Accreditation status
· Team Building of Nuclear Operations Improvement Team
· Organizational Review of the Operations Department
· Integrated Organizational Review Model for Nuclear Department
· Assessment of the Engineering Support Personnel Training program
· Computer Based Training modules for engineering disciplines
Hydra Co, Imperial Resource Recovery Project · Major rewrite of Operations Department Procedures
· Computer Based and On-the-Job Training program development
· Computer Based Training and On-the-Job Training program materials
Boston Edison Pilgrim C7 control panel Conceptual Design Study.
Full-scale mockup of C7 panel for training and human factors analysis
Dept. of Energy, Rocky Flats Plant Technical support in assisting DOE/RFP Construction & Engineering Division with an Independent Design Review of Solar Pond Project
Potomac Electric Company · Human factors support for control room upgrade/life extension project
· Human factors assessment of existing
· Annunciator system, and assisted in determining upgrades to the existing Annunciator system
· Control room inventory and operator interviews
Resource Recovery Systems of Connecticut Developed On-the-Job Training program
Town of West Hartford, CT Developed OSHA Hazard Communication program including hazardous materials database, program documents, and training Town and Board of Education personnel
City of Norwich, CT Developed OSHA Hazard Communication program including hazardous materials database, program documents, and training Town and Board of Education personnel
Naval Underwater Systems Center · Submarine Sonar Operator Training Program Project Manager
· Hazard Communication Training for the Naval Underwater Systems Center facilities in New London, CT and Newport, RI
Consumers Power Company Midland Plant control panel Project Manager
Philadelphia Electric · Limerick control panel Project Manager
· Peach Bottom control panel Project Manager